jeudi 16 février 2017

Hi all Roland fans,

After collecting all sort of things and tips for my vintage Roland gears, and to preserve availibility of some drivers, updates and documents, I made all my stuff available for download here !!

You fill find in that Google drive share :

Gear Comments

Sampling Groovebox.  All docs, drivers, firmwares, manual, y.c. service manual, and softwares. + a Cubase txt mixermap I made for the last firmware version (more sounds)

Sampling workstation. All docs and special drivers for WIN 64. Drivers tested with Win 10 64. Fully works including USB audio IN !

DSP analog Synth. All docs and special drivers for WIN 64 (tested for Win 10 64 with USB Audio Out). VST editor plugin des not works properly with 64 bits VST hosts,even with JBridge;; + a Cubase mixermap (txt) I made for that synth.
JX 305

Groovesynth. Very good synth. The MC 505 sounds but with a keyboard and a split/dual mode. All docs and firmwares.+ a working Cubase txt mixermap I made.
MC 307
This groovebox is really underrated. It is exactly the same sounds as the famous MC-505 but in a smaller size. All docs and firmwares ! + a working and complete Cubase mixermap txt.

Looper and TB-303 DSP emulation. This little box is really fun !
I love it. All docs, software and the rare service manual.

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