samedi 10 mars 2018

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As other project, like HIDUINO, or MOCOLUFA (thanks to them for inspiration), USBMIDIKLIK allows your Arduino board to become a very reliable MIDI IN/OUT USB interface. Despite the very good work done on these projects, i was facing some issues... An heavy MIDI traffic was blocking the serial, and some MIDI messages were purely ignored by the parser, like the song pointer position for example... more, these projects rely on a quite old version of the LUFA library.
USBMidiKliK uses interrupts and ring buffers to ensure that (fast) USB to (slow) midi transfers are reliable, plus a "more transparent as possible" midi parser. MIDI product device name is integrated in the makefile, and can also be modified by easy to change.
This firmware is uploaded in the ATMEGA8U2 chip managing the USB, and changes the default USB serial descriptors to the MIDI ones. For more convenience when updates are needed, a "dual mode" is embedded, allowing to switch back to the USB serial : when the PB2/MOSI pin of the ATMEGA8U2 is connected to ground, the Arduino is a classical one again, and you can change and upload a new firmware in the ATMEGA328P (UNO) with the standard Arduino IDE.e Arduino.

This is a full open source project.
More detail on my GitHub HERE


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